Welcome on board!

A sail boat is…

fun and a learning experience… for everyone!
You will be part of an informal and sports-loving team with whom you’ll share the boat and all of its parts and actively participate in life on board, in all its forms.
You’ll find out how easy it is to make friends with like-minded people and

enjoy the wonderful group spirit that naturally reigns on any sailing boat.
A crossing or weekend cruise on a sail boat should not be thought of as a luxury vacation. Life on board is casual , everyone takes part in it and has tasks to perform.
While there is no heavy work to be done, the boat needs to be kept clean and orderly and everyone needs to pitch in preparing meals at some point.

The price includes

A bunk in a double cabin and dinette (the living room of the boat that at night turns into a real cabin)
Both practical and classroom lessons, if a course
Use of the boat and all of the association’s equipment
Insurance covering non-competitive sports activity
Logistics support and ….. our teachers and skippers, not only experts, but great people too!


In order to participate in a course or confirm a course/crossing/weekend and make sure a place is assigned to you, first you need to contact us via e-mail or telephone, and once you have been confirmed, send

payment via bank wire.
You can send the entire amount or half of it at confirmation and the balance at least 30 days prior to sailing.
Once you have a confirmation number of the bank wire, send it to us in a text message to +39 328 212 0510 or by mail to info@acqualibera.it .
We need all of your personal data – including your codice fiscale (if you have one) – for insurance and bureaucratic formalities, as well as a medical certificate stating you are fit to take part in non-competitive sports. If you don’t have this certificate, you can fill in and sign a declaration regarding your fitness once you’re on board.


Not included in the price

Membership in the Association Acqualibera asd (membership card + insurance €15/year), and everything else not expressly listed under “The price includes…”.
For example, food and drink are not included, nor is the final cleaning charge, the harbour expenses should we overnight at a marina, petrol (which costs about €8 per engine hour).
Everyone on board, except the skipper, shares equally in paying these costs through what’s called a cassa comune.

What’s a cassa comune? : : it’s a “money pot” to which everyone contributes the same amount and from which all the common and shared expenses (those not included in the basic charge) are paid. The group chooses a cashier from among its members to manage the pot and keep tract of expenditures for the group.
The amount usually needed from each participant is about €45-55 for a weekend outing, and more like €150 for a week-long excursion. Much of the cost depends on the type of food and beverages purchased.
The cassa comune also serves to cover small repairs or the loss of equipment. For all the other things, there is full Kasko insurance coverage.


……What should I bring along??

Obviously the answer to this question depends whether your trip is along the warm coast for a weekend or out in the open seas for a crossing. We usually suggest people bring as little as possible in a canvas-type bag that can be easily folded and put away. Here is a list of things that may come in handy:

  • shoes or sandals with light colored rubber soles – no shoes are worn below deck
  • rubber slippers for the shower, which is usually done on shore at the harbour facilities
  • pillowcase and sheets for single or double bed
  • a light sleeping bag or just sheets in summer
  • waxed or normal wind and rain jacket
  • towel (space-saving microfiber is ideal), a beach towel
  • practical clothing and sportswear, swimsuit, shirts and shorts, coverall foulard, a sweatshirt or fleece jacket
  • headgear (in winter: gloves, wool cap)
  • high protection non-sticky or oily sunscreen and a good after-sun lotion (or cream for sunburn!)
  • there are good quality biodegradable saline soaps and shampoos for use when bathing in the sea, do not forget a good protective hair conditioner
  • dark sun glasses, good eye drops can be helpful
  • fins and mask for snorkeling excursions
  • pharmaceuticals: there is a small medicine chest on board, but do not forget your personal medications.

Coordinate Bancarie



via Bezzuglio, 43
25088 – Toscolano Maderno (Bs)

IBAN   IT66W0638512701100000002831
REASON: provide your name and the date of the course/cruise/weekend you are signing up for.




never ever step on a sail boat?WOLLCOME ON BOARD !
some advice about your first time on board…

  • o If you suffer from seasickness, apart from such pharmacological remedies as Travelgum or a patch, try the elastic bracelet that does not cause drowsiness and is ideal for children. There are also effective homeopathic products such as COCCULUS-HEEL manufactured by Guna Spa. We suggest a light breakfast of tea and biscuits or toast and jam / honey, and no milk or coffee, at least until your stomach is accustomed to being at sea.
  • week-end embarkations are possible on Friday evenings after 2100hrs, but before 2330hrs or Saturday morning not later than 0915hrs. We disembark at the same dock Sunday afternoon at 1730hrs.
    Once you have reached Portovenere, you can take the car as far as where the road bends over the sea near the port. Stop the car in the loading/unloading zone for a moment to leave your luggage, then park in any one of several lots – some of which have special rates reserved for sailboat enthusiasts which can be purchased from the parking office near the Guardia Costiera headquarters, or from the port authority office.
    Our berth is on the Dondero Pier off of Calata Doria in the main port, just before the little panoramic Church of San Pietro. Call us if you’re having trouble reaching us.
  • At Portovenere we can stock up on the provisions we’ll be needing at the supermarket or in any of the shops in the centre of town, where they also sell a wide variety of gourmet items from the local culinary tradition such as Ligurian pesto, anchovies prepared in a myriad of ways, Shaketrà and lots of other delicacies. The items that may cost a bit more here than in larger cities are wine and other alcoholic beverages. During the cruise we will stop for supplies in various ports and marinas along the way.o Embarkation for week-long cruises begins at 1800hrs on Saturday and disembarkation at 0900hrs the following Saturday. The departure and arrival port will be established by the skipper. The time between disembarkation and embarkation is needed to get the boat ready for the next cruise and its new crew. We ask you to kindly respect this schedule so that everyone, including you, can have a wonderful time!
  • The boat: we sail and teach mostly on a 13 meter sloop Benetau First 42s7 called “Dune Mosse” (or a similar boat the association rents). It sleeps 8 (1 double crew cabin, 2 double cabins and a double bed in the dinette area behind a separè). There are two bathrooms, heating in winter, a summer sun deck and everything you need for a really fun time out on the water.Changes in the program: embarking, disembarking, the routes and destinations may change due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather conditions, port availability or other reasons. The captain has the final say in each and every case.
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    Our Philosophy:
    Passion for the sea, freedom in the wind!
    The Acqualibera asd sailing school was founded on these principles to promote pleasure sailing at all levels, for sport, for culture, nature or simply to spend time together. We focus not just on technique and learning but, as you will find out, we also see sailing as a tool for social exchange, a way to recharge the batteries of one’s mind and body, and to create a group of like-minded individuals who share our passion for sailing. Life on board with Acqualibera is sporty and casual, it is fun and filled with adventure. Our clock is governed by nature, but safety and security are always at the top of our list.

    Our Activities
    the Acqualibera sailing school organizes courses in:

    • Beginners approach to the sail boat
    • Perfecting your technique
    • Advanced course/Open seas
    • charting and seamanship
    • sailing school

    and in collaboration with charter and tourism firms::

    • Team building
    • Fitness and wellness on boardForma&
    • Company and school trips with training sessions
    • Parties and events on board
    • Engagements outside of the world of sailing (trade fairs, events, fun in the snow, cultural trips, travel abroad together with some of the finest travel agencies

    For more information, or if you need help organising a trip, write to info@acqualibera.it or call Dandina at +39 328 0059351 or Marcello at +39 328 2120510 ( satellite tel 0088216 – 23434755)

    We’ll be waiting for you on board
    … hoist the sails and head for the wind !

    PRENOTA un Corso, una crociera o un week-end