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Passion for the sea, freedom in the wind!

Acqualibera asd came about with this philosophy in mind, to promote leisure sailing in all its forms, be it for sports, culture, nature or social ends.

Anyone is welcome to join us; take look at the programs we offer and contact us so that you too can share in our mariner’s spirit, respecting the seas, the boats that host us and the association’s principles.

Office: Via Bezzuglio, 43 – Toscolano Maderno (Bs)
Berth: Portovenere, Molo Dondero

Daniela +39 328 0059351
Marcello +39 328 2120510

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Our home berth is along Dondero pier in the port of Portovenere, a charming fishing village on the Ligurian coast, nominated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and heaven on earth for sailing.

In fact, the archipelago in front of Portovenere (Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto) offers sailing enthusiasts a mirror-flat sea of extraordinary beauty, bordered by bays and anchorages, protected from the open sea but always with just the right amount of wind for fabulous outings in any weather.

Portovenere is the perfect embarkation port for a sailing course or a holiday, its location allows us to sail the magnificent waters of the Gulf of Poets, or those of the nearby Cinque Terre (five miles); elegant Portofino (28 miles ) is within easy reach, as is worldly Versilia (20 miles to Viareggio), and for those who want to stay out a bit longer there’s Corsica (60 miles), Capraia (60 miles) and Elba (80 miles).

The Portovenere Regional Natural Park is blessed with a truly unique landscape of high peaks and deep caverns, of aromatic vegetation that changes colour with the seasons and regales us with its beauty.

The Palazzata, the ancient city walls and the impressive castle have maintained the characteristics of a fortified village intact, with narrow alleys that wind in and about the towered houses (known as the case torre) that lean upon one another to create a long and disorderly yet harmonious coloured wall of architecture.

The unifying factor here, that which brings even the smallest detail together, is the sea… sometimes calm and peaceful, other times wild and frothy breaking on the boulders upon which the little medieval church of San Pietro sits perched on a little terrace over the sea.

And the Park is not just Nature, it’s History too. There are traces of prehistoric settlements in the Grotta dei Colombi and it was here, in much more recent times, that the inventor Marconi conducted his innovative experiments on board the Elettra.